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Connect with our team and build a plan that works for you.

Who should book a “right fit” call?

Young Professionals

Younger clients looking to maximize their future

Business Owners

Small or closely held business owners

Retirement Planners

Those nearing or in Retirement

How It Works


Right Fit Call

15 minutes discovery call. At this meeting we discuss expectations and see if what you are looking for matches up with what we do best for our clients


Discovery Meeting

At our discovery meeting we will spend most of the time getting to you better. What are the most important things for you to accomplish in order to reach your goals? Only after we know you can we start to offer ideas that may be able to help you find the successes you are looking for. At this meeting we will schedule our strategy session and we will request documents for our review.


Strategy & Initial Action Items

We want to provide you with actionable steps after each meeting. During our strategy meeting we will discuss initial strategies that will address your most pressing needs. We will outline next steps and lay a framework for expectations and meetings the remainder of the year.

Right Fit Call